We caught up with our current Investment Bank Graduate Amelie and talked about her experience at Berenberg. Amelie started at Berenberg as a summer intern and is now part of our Graduate Programme.

What do you love about your internship/graduate program?
I really enjoy how hands-on the internship and graduate program have been. From day one, you get to work closely with experienced analysts, learning on the job and helping wherever needed. You quickly feel like you’re part of the team, even as an intern. Plus, the fact that you get to see - even just a small part - of your own work in a published note so early on feels incredibly validating when you’re at the beginning of your career.

What do you enjoy most about working at Berenberg? Why did you choose Berenberg for your internship/graduate program?
The culture at Berenberg is one of the main reasons I decided to return for the graduate program. I was positively surprised by how willing everyone is to help and teach, even at more senior levels. It feels like a very supportive environment to be a junior, as everyone is rooting for you to succeed. I also really enjoy how appreciative people are of different academic or career backgrounds. I came to Berenberg having studied law at university. Even without a typical financial background, my distinct skillset has been valued and encouraged.

What skills, characteristics or behaviours have helped you thrive in your role?
I think having a natural sense of curiosity is key, especially in Equity Research. By rotating through different teams and sectors you get to deep-dive into a wide range of niche topics – most of which you’ll have limited prior knowledge of – which can be challenging but also incredibly interesting. Good communication and attention to detail are equally important.

What surprised you the most about Berenberg once you started working here?
I was surprised by the early level of responsibility and exposure here at Berenberg. Within a couple of months, I was allowed to attend investor lunches and conferences and ask questions on Investor Relations calls. Having direct exposure to management of small and large-cap companies has been an incredible experience as a graduate. 

How has Berenberg supported your professional or personal development?
The very nature of a rotational graduate program has been great in terms of testing out different areas of the investment bank, whether that’s been Corporate Broking/IB, Sales or Research. It’s given me the opportunity to figure out where I’m best suited and what I enjoy doing. I would never have known what a day in any of the departments really looks like if I hadn’t experienced them myself. I think the value of this shouldn’t be underestimated.