Cosima started her career at Berenberg as a dual student and has now risen to the position of Head of Origination in Munich. In our interview, she shares her experiences and the significant milestones she has achieved at Berenberg.

What do you love about your job?
What I love about my job is the daily variety and dynamism. The opportunity to gain insights into different industries and to interact with people with diverse entrepreneurial mindsets is incredibly enriching. I find these insights very inspiring and they sometimes make the workday feel like a live podcast. Additionally, the constant changes and challenges of the financial markets ensure that every workday is highly varied.
What I find especially exciting is the combination of strategic alignment, the opportunity to actively shape Berenberg's vision, and the long-standing, trust-based relationships with my clients.

What is it that you love about working for Berenberg?
The familial feeling—certainly influenced by the fact that I have grown within the company. The collegiality and willingness to help among colleagues are outstanding, creating a supportive and pleasant work atmosphere.
The individual collaboration with clients and handling of complex asset structures, facilitated by the cooperation of various departments, are extremely enriching. The cross-departmental exchange promotes innovative solutions and continuously expands my expertise.
Moreover, Berenberg's flat hierarchies provide opportunities to seize chances and continuously develop. I highly value working in an environment where my ideas are heard and I can actively contribute to shaping the company's strategy.

What skills, characteristics or behaviours do you possess that have helped you thrive in your role?
Ambition, determination, and self-motivation are fundamental drivers. These qualities have helped me set clear goals, consistently work towards them, and optimize my performance.
Flexibility, willingness to learn, and the ability to think across departments have also been crucial in Berenberg's dynamic corporate culture.
Empathy and communication skills are particularly important for building and maintaining long-term, trust-based relationships with our wealth management clients. These interpersonal skills are essential for success in client-facing roles, as they form the foundation for effective and satisfying collaboration.

What has been your best experience at Berenberg?
My greatest milestone at Berenberg so far has been my promotion to Vice President in Wealth Management, as the youngest employee in this position. This success is attributed to starting my career at a young age, studying part-time alongside work, and continuously advancing within the same company. This promotion validates my career path and shows that the decision to study while working and remain with my first employer was the right choice for me.
I am particularly proud of my recent relocation to our new office in Munich, which involved taking on personnel responsibility and building the Origination team. I look forward to the challenge and the opportunity to grow in a new environment and develop a strong team that drives strategic new client acquisition in wealth management.

What surprised you the most about Berenberg once you started working here?
When I started at Berenberg, I was most surprised by the flat hierarchies, the strong culture of helpfulness, the quick decision-making processes, and the dynamic corporate culture. These factors contribute to an efficient and pleasant work environment where one quickly feels integrated and supported. The open and supportive corporate culture helped me build a strong internal network from the start and realize my full potential.

What has Berenberg done to invest in your professional or personal development?
Berenberg has supported my professional and personal development in many ways. As my first employer, Berenberg facilitated my entry into the financial world through a dual study program including banking training. Alongside this, I was able to pursue a part-time MBA while continuing to work full-time and build my client portfolio as a Relationship Manager.

Has Berenberg supported you in a particularly special way throughout your time here?
During my studies, I received extensive support that allowed me to complete both my bachelor's and master's degrees while working. Additionally, I was offered development opportunities, including coaching and internal networking programs for women. The continuous support and diverse development opportunities have enabled me to establish myself professionally and develop personally.