Lukas is one of our Wealth and Asset Management and Corporate Banking Graduates. Lukas currently navigates through various rotations in Wealth and Asset Management, as well as Corporate Banking. He shares insights on what he loves about the programme, the skills that have helped him succeed, and his most memorable experiences so far. 

What do you love about your internship/graduate program?
The WAM Graduate Programme offers the opportunity to get to know different areas of Wealth and Asset Management as well as Corporate Banking. During the rotations, I was able to expand my knowledge through the different specialisms of the departments and at the same time build up my network within the bank. This makes it easier to understand the connections between the departments and to apply the knowledge I have gained in new rotations.

What do you enjoy most about working at Berenberg? Why did you choose Berenberg for your internship/graduate program? 
Especially the open culture and the dynamism. These make it much easier to integrate into new teams and structures. All the colleagues I have met so far have taken the time to explain their areas and activities to me in detail. Thanks to this support and the numerous rotations between the teams, it was very easy for me to start at Berenberg.

What skills, characteristics or behaviours have helped you thrive in your role?
In my opinion, openness, curiosity and proactivity are crucial for learning a lot professionally in the rotations and for getting on well with the teams on a personal level. The open culture makes it much easier to get started and quickly dispels any initial tension. An interest in the capital market and economic contexts should of course be present in order to be motivated to contribute to the work in the various areas.

What has been your most memorable experience at Berenberg so far?
The introductory weeks in London were a highlight of the graduate programme right at the beginning. As WAM graduates, we spent two weeks together in London, got to know the London office and were able to network with the investment banking graduates.

What surprised you the most about Berenberg once you started working here?
I particularly appreciate the open culture. The constructive dialogue with managers at all hierarchical levels should also be emphasized. One example of this is the monthly dialogue that we graduates have with the division heads.

How has Berenberg supported your professional or personal development?
The regular rotations give you the opportunity to constantly get to know new teams and colleagues. This not only promotes the development of soft skills, but also the ability to deal with different characters. At a professional level, you gain insights into a wide range of areas. Whether in Shipping debt, Strategic Asset Allocation, Wealth Management, Fixed Income or Multi Asset Strategy & Research - I was able to gain valuable experience and acquire new skills in all of these areas.

What has your onboarding experience been like?
The onboarding was very well organized! During our induction weeks in London, all WAM graduates were able to get to know each other and spend a lot of time together. This created an extremely positive group dynamic. We also received all the necessary access and technical equipment during this time, so that we were able to start our rotations without any hurdles.