We look at the success and impact of the Berenberg Innovation Phase Project 2023 - part of our Global Technology Graduate Programme.

What is the Global Technology Graduate Programme Innovation Phase?
Providing recent graduates with a chance to work on live projects for a range of our business teams, the Global Technology Graduate Programme is an opportunity for rising talent to delve into the core aspects of technology within the banking industry. After an Orientation Phase which involves a series of rotations across the global technology function, the 10-week Innovation Phase is an opportunity for our graduates to come together and work collaboratively on a high-level project.

What was developed during Innovation Phase 2023?
During the 2023 Innovation Phase, our graduates successfully delivered a complete Apple Watch app from end to end within the 10-week time frame. Serving as a companion app to our existing Wealth Management Portal mobile app, the new Apple Watch portal lets clients view key parts of their portfolio information just by lifting their wrist.

The team consisted of four developers and one business analyst, working in an agile way with weekly sprints to efficiently accomplish the project within the tight time constraint. Through daily meetings, weekly planning, and bi-weekly reviews with stakeholders, the graduates were able to keep up to date with progress and fast-track the implementation of any requirements and enhancements that emerged.

The finished app supports both English and German language versions, automatically adapting to the user profile. Functional pages for performance, allocation, positions, and valuation each feature their own distinct designs - displaying graphs, charts, or tables to provide the most intuitive presentation to users. Security and privacy were also major concerns, so the team developed features such as device password requirement and automatic data hiding.

The impact of the innovation phase
The Innovation Phase plays a pivotal role in driving transformation within Berenberg, and in 2023, presented invaluable opportunities for the development and enhancement of products. The creation of the Berenberg Wealth Management Portal for Apple Watch represents an innovative solution that changes the way users monitor their investment portfolios. Clients now have unmatched convenience when accessing data about their liquid assets, top holdings, and other key information, wherever they are, at any time, with just a quick glance at their wrist.

By offering seamless, user-friendly access to essential portfolio data, Berenberg demonstrates unwavering commitment to delivering superior customer experiences while leveraging cutting-edge technology to maintain a leading position in the industry. This project is a remarkable example of how the innovation phase transforms business at Berenberg.

The Global Technology Graduate Programme presents an opportunity for our graduates to expand their knowledge, and gain invaluable hands-on experience with modern technologies, methodologies, and innovative problem-solving techniques in a dynamic environment. Their experience in the innovation phase not only enabled them to develop new skills, but also enhanced their adaptability to evolving trends and challenges. Moreover, by working collaboratively with diverse teams, stakeholders, and clients, graduates also had a chance to enhance their communication skills - fostering effective teamwork and nurturing professional relationships.

As with previously successful innovation phase projects, the development of the Berenberg Wealth Management Portal for Apple watch allowed graduates to directly contribute to the success of the business. Vital contributors to the project, they were entrusted with the opportunity to drive change and make a tangible impact. Through their contributions, graduates not only gained a sense of accomplishment but also reinforced their position as valuable assets within the bank.

What do we look for in a graduate?
If you have recently graduated in a relevant STEM subject, such as Computer Science or Maths, then this is an opportunity to launch your career, gain hands-on experience in the industry, and build valuable connections across one of the world’s leading private banks. We are looking for individuals with the drive to innovate, a global mindset, and the ability to work collaboratively to develop solutions. From agile working to cloud computing and artificial intelligence, Berenberg are investing in the latest technologies to build the future of finance - and you can be a part of it.